What is the secret knowledge of Gita?

What is the secret knowledge of Gita?

Today’s Lord Sankirtana.

Krishna says that,

No one is my friend dearer than Arjuna.

Friends this is a very rare story

Do read.

One day Kanhaji’s smile couldn’t stop.

sitting alone on the roof of the palace

Shri Krishna was going to look at the moon in the distant sky

And kept smiling slowly!

He used to look back again and again and see that,

If no one is looking at them,

And then the world of your dreams and

Lost in sweet thoughts, he started smiling.

Suddenly Arjuna came there at the same time.

Seeing his friend Shri Krishna smiling alone,

Arjuna disturbs his bliss

didn’t feel right

and standing in silence

Lord started seeing Leela.

Arjun started thinking

finally to Kanha

What does this look like on this moon?

who is smiling so much?

And then Arjuna raised his eyes and looked at the moon.

who is fully illuminated

was spreading its lovely rays and

The atmosphere was making the mind pleasing!

when looked more closely

So surprised!

Arjuna was seen on the moon

“Shri Radharani” began to appear

Shri Radhe also sitting on the bank of Yamunaji

In the dark waves of Yamunaji

was seeing her evening

and used to smile

And used to talk to Kanha ji too!

 Radharani said:

“Look, Kanhaji

 your friend Arjun

 Silently listening to us.

In the waves of Shri Radhe Yamunaji

Waving his hand he said!

Kanha Ji said

“There is nothing hidden from Arjun, Radhe!

 it’s just my pleasure

 doesn’t want to disturb.”

Kanhaji this thing

Looking at the white moon, he said!

Radharani flaunting a smile

quote out of curiosity

“If so,

 Arjun is so dear to you

 So while giving you the knowledge of Gita

 Why did you hide one thing from Arjuna?

Kanha Ji said

“That’s why Radhe,

 after hearing that

 There would be samadhi of Arjuna

 And that war etc. can not do anything!”

 One side of the roof of Shri Krishna Mahal

 Said while going to the other shore!

 Radhe Ji said

“Okay Kanhaji

 Now we will talk tomorrow.

 Arjun is coming near you! “

 Sri Radha rani said so

 Apna Aanchal

 waved in the calm waters of Yamuna

 water turbulence

 And from there the image of Kanhaji disappeared.

On the other hand, Kanhaji did it in front of the moon.

shook hands and covered it with clouds

Due to which the image of Radhe became invisible from there.

Arjun with courage

came in front of Shri Krishna

And with folded hands said –

“Excuse me, Lord!

 but what is such a thing?

 Which you have not told me in the knowledge of Gita?

Shri Krishna smiled and said –

Remember Arjun?

 that once I told you,

 I’ll tell you that knowledge again

 after knowing

 and nothing remains to be known

 and after knowing

 Humans have the same purpose from the Vedas

 as much as the ocean

 small pond and

 Did I keep quiet after saying this?

 “Yes, Lord!!

 I remember

 You were silent while explaining the essence of the Vedas! “

 Arjuna said in amazement.

Shri Krishna looked up at the sky

the moon was completely hidden

And then placing his hand on Arjuna’s shoulder he said –


 Arjuna is the essence of all the Vedas.

By the grace of Shri Radhe

knowing this

and nothing remains to be known

Only Radhe is the only one to know!

Just by chanting the name Sriradha

A man crosses all the Vedas.

And thus the Gita

Arjuna having attained full knowledge

“Eligible for the stage of samadhi”!!

 Jai Jai Shree Radhekrishna.

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