Total Curve Breast Enhancement Pill and Cream Review

Those of you who are reading this Total Curve breast enhancement pill and cream review here right now must have read about the product somewhere else before getting right here? It is no surprise because this product is among one of the most popular breast enhancement systems there are today. But if you have heard of it for the first time here, let me briefly tell you about this product.

You can undergo all the facial procedures in the world, but there is one area that will always tell the world our true age – it is the chest.

Unfortunately, no matter how you try to hide their strategic clothing, over time they sag into a state that tells everyone exactly how old we are on the clock.

Fortunately, there seems to be an answer, with the makers of Total Curve claiming that their supplement can increase breast volume by breathtaking sums. Let’s take a look at the product in more detail.

Total Curve Breast Enhancement Pill and Cream

Total Curve breast enhancement pill and cream is a natural supplement, specific, to increase the size and tone of the breasts, thanks to a complex of plant active ingredients you can show off softer and more enviable curves.

Breast augmentation is the desire of many women. For this reason, Total Curve was created: both in tablets and in cream, it consists of ingredients that act safely and effectively on the breasts, allowing them to grow bigger. The effectiveness of Total Curve lies in the combined action of cream and pills, which together give your breasts volume and tone.

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  • Totally free of health risks
  • Totally made with plant ingredients
  • The breasts are firm and harmoniously enlarged
  • Contains substances similar to those produced by our body
  • Helps to reduce disorders related to menopause or premenstrual syndrome

The Total Curve pills + cream package consist of two products from the Total Curve world, famous for their effectiveness in enhancing the breasts.


  • Total curve doesn’t involve some complex operation or anything else like that; it is simply a supplement and a lifting gel. Take and apply on a daily basis and watch the breasts regain their natural curviness of the past.
  • Your chest will not only look better, you will also feel like a new woman. Your confidence will rise through the roof – and it’s all because of what’s in front of you (literally).
  • As well as impressive testimonials, Total Curves benefits from numerous studies that scientifically prove that the shape of your breasts will change after just 28 days of trying the product.
  • If you’re still not convinced, Total Curve comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • The product is not made by some new guy in the business, it is formed by one of the most trusted supplement companies in the world. Leading Health Edge have released countless successful products since 1999 – and this is exactly why they are still a thriving manufacturer.


  • There are strict deadlines to satisfy in relation to the money back guarantee and you will only have seven days to return the product if you are not satisfied.
  • Total Curve is not going to increase breast size overnight like surgery could. It is instead used for gradual augmentation, with visible results after about 28 days.

How does Total Curve work?

When using Total Curve breast enhancement pill and cream Treatment, you are actually relying on breast augmentation therapy that works externally as well as internally. 

This is probably why the results are visible so quickly. Total Curve includes lifting and firming gel containing Volufilline, and a daily pill supplement.

The size and condition of the breasts in women are affected by changes in the levels of specific hormones such as estrogen. This is why breast enhancement pills are the foundation of this system.


Total Curve pills include several phytoestrogens which have the ability to mimic the activity of estrogen so that the breast tissues can become stronger and firmer. 

The extended list of ingredients found in Total Curve includes some extracts and herbs that have been used for a long period of time, such as fennel seeds, buckwheat leaves, hops, blessed thistle, wild yam root, black cohosh root, cress leaves, and damiana leaves.


The second part of the system includes lifting and firming gel based on Volufilline

Once you consume the pills orally, you need to use the lifting and firming gel topically. This is a procedure that you need to practice on a daily basis. 

The reason this gel is so effective is the presence of Volufilline, and this substance has the ability to increase breast size by more than 8% in less than two months. 

Volufilline includes Sarsasapogenin which triggers lipogenesis. To put it simply, this ingredient creates a reaction within the fatty tissue found in the breast and as a result of which the fat cells expand.

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Total Curves Ingredients

Total Curve Herbal Breast Enhancement Pills and Firming Cream Review contain unique ingredients that are the best option for increasing bust size. 

The unique combination of herbal breast firming cream and total curve pills will provide an added benefit for women who are looking for quick results. 

The ingredients have been mentioned in this total curve of herbal breast enhancement pills and firming cream review which will only make women believe because it is the most renowned product in the world.



  • The secret ingredient is Volufiline ™ – it is a lip-filling agent that makes the skin more plump
  • Aloe Vera extract
  • Bearberry extract
  • seaweed extract
  • mango butter
  • C vitamin
  • Caffeine
  • Purified water, propylene glycol, Carbomer, triethanolamine, vegetable glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, methylparaben, STR multi-peptide complex, natural and artificial flavors and preservatives.

Does Total Curve Come With Any Side Effects. It’s safe?

If you analyze the market, you will notice that there are dozens of different breast enhancement pills and gels out there. 

All of them promise similar effects and contain natural ingredients, but some of them are much cheaper. 

Many women think that they can save money by opting for incredibly cheap pills, but the truth is that you can face many different side effects if you opt for such products. 

There is no doubt that the ingredients used in them have low quality and some of them may contain chemicals too.

On the other hand, Total Curve is reasonably priced, and this product has not been associated with many health problems. 

This means Total Curve users don’t have to worry about side effects. The only thing worth pointing out is that a small number of women may feel low-level discomfort in the first few days. 

But this is not something you should take seriously, because the human body needs time to adapt to change. 

There have been several studies that have confirmed that Volufilline is a compound that does not create any adverse effects.

However, if you notice any problems after starting to use the total curve, you should speak to your doctor right away. 

In fact, it might be a good idea to do this before purchasing this product.

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Does the Total Curve work for you?

Total Curve breast enhancement pill and cream is a product that hit shelves with a significant amount of support, with some human evidence indicating that they can increase volume by up to 8.4%.

Most of these studies were based on the Volufilne component concentrated in the previous paragraph, with a conclusion that only a small amount of the substance was able to increase the size and quantity of fat molecules in the breast by 492% mammoth.

Of course, lab tests just go a certain way. The biggest indication that Total Curve breast enhancement pill and cream is a product that works was the trials on real women.

A test was conducted on 32 participants, with a mean breast augmentation of 1.4% after 28 days, and 2.2% after 56 days. 

When you consider that some women saw breast size grow 8.4% during the 56 day period, the studies behind this product are quite overwhelming.

Where to buy Total Curve?

Unfortunately, Total Curve breast enhancement pill and cream are not available in any local stores. 

You can just get it online and I found that the official site has the best deal. You can enjoy the limited-time offer (6 month supply and get a 30% discount on the total price of USD $ 20 discount for one month supply). 

In addition, you will also be given your 60-day satisfaction or money-back guarantee, which is not granted anywhere else!


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Final thoughts

The benefits of using Full Curve outweigh the drawbacks. It is a safe, inexpensive, and incredibly efficient option for women who want to make their breasts look more attractive. Also, there is a good money-back guarantee policy that should help the skeptics make the right decision.

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