Thick – Definition, Meaning, Origin, Synonyms and Conversation Examples

Thick: What is this Slang Term and When Should You Use It?

Slang term thick is an adjective, like “big”, “small” or “thin”. It is neutral, it describes the body. Just as thin doesn’t mean beautiful, this term doesn’t mean ugly either. 


Significant in terms of size, especially of large size considerable, in the bulk of a person.

Other Meaning

It can be difficult trying to figure out the thick meaning of words. The only way that you will truly get a good understanding of thickening words is if you understand how and why they are used. The process of thickening words does not have an end; they are only used to soften words that are considered to be too heavy to be used. If you are struggling with thickening a word, try substituting it with a less thickening word to see if that makes any difference. There are plenty of reasons why a word is thick but understanding the root meaning of the word will allow you to overcome that.


This term refers to a bulky, prominent, corpulent, inflated, bulky, or fat element, thing, and object. That exceeds or exceeds normal or regular. Of little frequent use, it is said of the understanding, talent or the understanding, confused, blurred, and intelligible and of little sharpness. In unusual form, heavy, robust, strong, and hard. Masculine noun. The thickness of something. The main, essential part, the most strengthened of a whole.

Synonyms of Thick

  • Abundant
  • Big
  • Bulky
  • Chummy
  • Dense
  • Dozy
  • Guttural
  • Moronic
  • Opaque
  • Raspy
  • Stocky
  • Thickset
  • Wide

Origin of Thick

This word in its etymology comes from the Late Latin “grossus” with the same meaning.

Conversation Example

  • We finally got a big order.
  • Look at the fat kid!
  • Man is that a big soup.
  • He went to the dentist with a very big cheek.
  • Take the thick scarf with you because it is very cold!
  • I won’t freeze to death, the coat is thickly lined.

Conversation Example on Twitter

  • I sincerely hope people haven’t forgotten we were in a Pandemic last year. In fact, we still are and some places are still in the thick of it and just because things are letting up where you live doesn’t mean it’s over.
  • Good morning beautiful body positive, plus size, mid-size, thick, chubby, big, and curvy ones
  • I might have had a bad day but at least I am dummy thick

Thick Infographic

Thick Infographic

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