The octopus between reality and legend: the mystery of Sailor

The octopus between reality and legend

The octopus has been considered a sacred animal for centuries: in fact, many of the fortunes of the Italian fishermen of the 17th century depended on its fishing. A cultural heritage that still today gives the octopus the respect of many lovers of traditions. For example, ask the inhabitants of Tellaro: a village in the Gulf of La Spezia.

According to legends, in 1660 the Saracens attempted to land on the small coast of the citadel, with the intention of plundering it in the middle of the night. A criminal plan that was thwarted by a gigantic octopus, which threw its tentacles from the depths of the sea grabbing and shaking the bells of the Church of San Giorgio, to wake the inhabitants of Tellaro. Read more about the interesting about Octopus. Read here octopus girl

One of a kind: the physical characteristics of the octopus

It is hardly possible to find intelligent and robust animals like the octopus in the sea: a real war machine of the abyss. Its 8 tentacles, each of which equipped with two rows of powerful suckers, are able to capture and drag even the largest and most resistant fish to the bottom. Not to mention the fact that the octopus can even count on 3 hearts and an iridescent skin, which varies in color to flush out the prey and to confuse the predators.

All the curiosities about the octopus

Not many people know that the octopus shares some characteristics even with lizards: it can in fact voluntarily detach the tentacles to escape attacks, and subsequently regenerate them.

Also, how can we not point out its wonderful inkjet-based defense mechanism? This, in addition to obscuring the area, can physically damage the enemy: thanks to the tyrosinase enzyme which, if sprayed into the eyes, causes severe irritation and visual difficulties.

One last, really bizarre curiosity concerns the mating of these extraordinary mollusks; in fact, once the act is completed, they die at different times. In the case of the female, after the hatching of the eggs, there is a real programmed death that starts from the optic glands and then continues up to the internal organs.

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