SSBBW: Slang Term That You Want To Know

What Is SSBBW meaning?

Slang term SSBBW is short for Super Sized Beautiful Big Women. The phrase is most commonly used by women who are over four feet ten inches in height (or more) and weighs more than 110 pounds (more than 350 pounds).

Super-Sized is a term that is used in media where women are often advertised as being super tall, or very thin.

If you have been told this term many times, it might be time you learned more about it. Here are some things that you should know about the term.

What does the term SSBBW really mean?

SSBBW simply stands for a Super Sized Beautiful Big Women. The term gained popularity from a UK sketch show called “X-Factor“.

There is no official explanation as to what the term means or how the term got its start, but one speculation is that super big beautiful women are a term used in the industry for paid models who do not necessarily aim to become super heavy with bulging muscles.

This is also used in describing anyone with an excess of body fat which is deemed to be obese and unhealthy.


The SSBBW is an abbreviation for Super Sized Beautiful Women.

An example of a model who could be considered a “Super-Sized Beauty” is Victoria Beckham. She is not, however, considered to be a true “Sized Beauty” because she is not considered to be over four feet ten inches in height, or extremely overweight.

However, if you are overweight, you can be considered a “Sized Beauty” depending on your weight.

This is the reason why the SSBBW term was introduced. Any woman who is considered to be extremely overweight is called a “Super Sized Beauty”.

Term Meaning In UK

In the UK, it is not uncommon to see the term SSBBW “standstill Beauties” or “standing still Big Beautiful Women”.

Origin of SSBBW Slang Term

It originated as a slang term for “sson baw girls”. Another popular version of the term is “sson baka girls”.

It first appeared in Nigeria and came to the attention of British TV viewers when the series “Baka” was on. The term has since been adopted by the British media and is now commonly used in the United Kingdom.

SSBBW Meaning Descriptions

Another way to describe the SSBBW acronym is “super-sized big beautiful women”.

This term originates from the idea that overweight models are often viewed as being less attractive and younger than their real age.

To reinforce this idea, the term “super-sized big beautiful women” is often used. The reason for this is to emphasize the idea that larger women have more curves than smaller women.

In popular culture, the term has also been used to emphasize the size difference between supermodels and actual supermodels.

What Is Argument About This Term?

The main argument against the use of the SSBBW acronym in the workplace is that there is no correlation between the two terms and the health benefits they can potentially provide.

The argument of course is that there is a correlation between the lengths of time a person weights for, and the amount of weight that can be lost through diet and exercise.

However, many people weigh for much longer than they intend to, and some people who have the goal of losing weight may be prone to overeat.

The SSBBW is intended to highlight the fact that larger people do not need to necessarily put on a lot of weight in order to be happy, healthy people.

SSBBW Infographic

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