Slang | Definition, Meaning, Synonyms and Example Of Slang

Have you ever heard someone using a word that wasn’t familiar to you as slang? For example, how many times have you heard someone refer to someone as a “fag,” or use the word “mother.” The examples are nearly endless, yet there are reasons why these terms are often used incorrectly and in a negative way. This article will help you understand the origin of such terms and why you should be careful not to use them in a negative way when referring to others.

What is slang?

Is a subjective term that refers to a specific type of language that is commonly used among members of a group? In the past, the use of this word was considered derogatory, but today it is commonplace.

Some Popular Slang Word:

Synonyms for slang words

  • Argot
  • Jive
  • Vulgarity
  • Neologism

To some people, being able to use an uncommon word in an everyday setting can be a plus.

Example of Slang

Example 1

One of which I will give you from the perspective of a teenager. You see teenagers are extremely creative and a great deal of their slang comes from their creativity.

To give you an example, you would say something like “She’s bangin’ her hooters”. Now this is slang that a teenager might use to describe something very specific, it could also be something they might use to describe something which is a bit mundane but has a different meaning associated with it.

Example 2

A lot of people use the word “fag” to describe another individual. The origin of this word is most likely male, but it has taken on a female flavor as well.

It is a synonym for vagina. If you are hearing someone use the term “fag” a lot, chances are he is talking about his girlfriend.

If you have ever used the word “fag” to describe a man, you know that it is meant to be degrading and suggestive. In other words, it means that he is a playboy.

Some Common Words Considered Slang Today

One of the more common words that are considered slang today are words like “hoes,” “bitches,” and “trash.” These terms are considered very offensive, but they do have an underlying meaning.

For example, “Trash” is an all-time term for a female who has bad habits. When you hear someone use the word trash, it could be a reference to a female who is trashy, but it could also mean that she likes to joke around with other women.

Terms & Technical of Slang

When you get right down to it the subject is pretty vague and you are left with lots of possibilities for things to be called.

To simplify things a bit you can consider that these terms are technically correct, but they are only loosely followed by most everyone.

If you consider the meaning of words you can understand why many people have started referring to certain terms as well as the way they say them as “tramp stamp” or “dummy“.

The problem is that these two particular terms mean exactly the same thing. It just so happens that people do not commonly talk about these terms in polite conversation, or they refer to it as a term that is used when they mean something else completely.


It is basically a word or phrase that is used commonly in everyday conversation. It is used to describe something that is repeated, seen, or heard but not understood by the majority of people. It is a unique form of expression that is widely accepted by most people who use it.

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