Radha Rani – Sri the Divine Queen

Legends and Myths

Sri Radha Rani is one of the many legends and myths associated with the Indian Royal Family. It is said that Radha, along with her consort Krsna, visited Lord Krishna in his human form to offer him her eternal divine asana (rhyanga).

This act of devotion to the Lord by Radha and Krsna was the beginning of their association, and it led to the union between the two.

It is believed that Radha did not succeed in entreating the Lord in this human form because Krsna might not have accepted her as the lord because of her physical inferiority and deformity.

The Moon Clothes

However, it is also said that Radha succeeded in entreating the Lord in the shape of a human being by wearing the ‘moon cloth’ which is described in the Mahabharata.

This cloth was nothing other than the Dhacaryas or the long skirts worn by married ladies in ancient India.

The word Dhacaryas actually means “the moon clothes”. When she succeeded in entreating the Lord in this form, she became the first ‘king’.

Although this is probably an urban legend and has no basis in fact, the fact is that she succeeded in gaining the status of the queen.

Goddess Lakshmi

The next story about Radha, according to Hindu Mythology, suggests that she might have been the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

This could explain why she was able to turn the demon Narakasura into a deva (celandine) by smearing honey on his forehead.

There are many references to Radha and Lakshmi in both scriptures and mythological stories. Radha, considered by the Hindus to be the consort of Sri Krishna is also known as Radha Kaula.

This is why Radha Rani is also referred to as Sri Krishna’s consort.

Hindu and Buddhist versions

It is interesting to note that both Hindu and Buddhist versions of the story place Goddess Lakshmi at the same spot where Radha went hunting.

The story further states that Radha presented the deer to Lord Krishna but He rejected her offer. This incident further strengthened the notion that Radha was the consort of Sri Krishna and was accepted as his queen by the latter.

This account has lead to several debates among the followers of either religion regarding the nature of the relationship between Radha and Krishna.

Vaishnava literature

The Vaishnava literature indicates that Radha Rani was the consort of Sage Krishna and is considering a sage in Hinduism.

In Vaishnava literature, she is known as Ksheer-Basti and is also known as Mother Krishna.

Even in the Sri Mahatma Gandhiayana Purana, Krishna is quoted as saying that Radha Rani was the most beautiful woman in all the universe and that without her one could not partake in the divine presence.

She was also the founder of the Tantric philosophy which is considered as the school of thought that has influenced the philosophy of Yoga, Sattva, and Tantra.

Goddess Sundareswarra

It is also believed by many that Radha Rani was the divine feminine counterpart of Devi Subhadra.

This could be seen in the fact that she was highly respected by both Sage Krishna and his consort Kashi.

It is also believed that she founded the Buddhist religion. Another important deity associated with Radha is the goddess Sundareswarra. Sundareswarra is considered to be the patron deity of Kerala.

Supreme Consort of Sage Krishna

Although it is widely believed that Radha Rani was the supreme consort of Sage Krishna, many worshipers of Radha Rani consider herself to be the supreme deity.

On a personal level, Radha Rani was known to be a compassionate person, who was loved by name and respected by all. She is also believed to have been the wife of Lord Krishna.

On her epitaph at Kashi Vishwanath temple, she is referred to as the divine Queen. It is also believed that Radha was the wife of Naivedya and the mother of King Sri Vasundhara who was also the founder of Jainism.

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