The Prista-Bail Pola Festival

The Pola Festival is one of India’s biggest festivals. It is celebrated throughout the state of Orissa and Maharashtra. It is also one of the major events of the Navaratra Festival, which is one of the five traditional festivals of Orissa. The word ‘Pura’ in Orissa denotes the festival and is derived from the Sanskrit meaning ‘attract the sun’. The focus is on agricultural prosperity rather than on religious activities.

Pola Festival Indian Thanks giving Ceremony

Pola festival is a great Indian thanksgiving ceremony that is celebrated by villagers, farmers, and other community leaders, at the end of August or early September in different parts of Orissa.

Pola is a Hindu national festival, which is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur by farmers and villagers in Maharashtra, to respect the rich cultural heritage of cows and bulls.

It falls on the second day of Pithori Amavasya, on the Indian calendar. On this day, the herd animals like the cows, buffaloes, oxen, and elephants, are paraded and felted while children play on the roads.

Indian People Worship some more animals like

Farmer Worship

The ornaments used on this occasion are mostly crafted in gold, silver and platinum. There are many unique crafts made using these ornaments.

The ornaments are made by decorating the sacred bulls with ornaments in different shapes. Farmers decorate their sacred bulls using leaves and twigs and then add small bells and ornaments.

Farmers bull worship these Gods and use them as a form of offerings to the Goddesses during the Pola festival.

Pola festival Celebrated After New Moon day

Unlike the Prista-Pura festival, the pola festival is celebrated after New Moon day. This is because the New Moon has special significance in Maharashtra.

When the moon is new, the earth receives lots of positive energy and helps in creation.

The pola festival celebrates the miraculous coming together of the twin Earth, the earth and the sky. This comes at the end of the New Moon. On this day, the farmers decorate their buffaloes with ornaments that represent the phases of the moon.

Prista-Pura festival

The Prista-Pura festival began as a celebration by the kings of Maharashtra. With time, it has been celebrated with even greater zeal and enthusiasm among the people of Maharashtra.

The pola festival is celebrated best when it is coupled with the amavasya and the new moon day.

This combination helps the people in celebrating the events in the most excellent way.

Story Behind Of Prista-Pura festival

The art of learning has been enhanced due to the Prista-Bail pola festival. The skill of learning has been promoted by offering training in this area to the community that observe these two events.

Also, the polo players are given special treatment and the equipment’s are decorated and they are decorated with the headgear of the king of maharajas.

The festival continues for eight days when all the movable things like the furniture, the lighting equipment, the musical instruments are decorated with the polo team and the king’s headgear.

The entire setup is beautifully decorated and the people of Mumbai look forward to this festival with much enthusiasm and cheer.

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