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I have a question about the industrious ant: Does it actually sleep sometimes – when it is not busy? And if so, how long? And how can you determine that?

Yes, the ant is definitely asleep, that would be terrible if it spent its whole life just running back and forth. The fairy tale of the industrious ant is not true in this sense either. There are already phases of rest that the individual does. What is so industrious is the entire ant colony, which you could call a super-organism. Where each individual takes on only a small task, so to speak.
The entire state – the entire organism – actually runs 24 hours a day. It is there that the most diverse tasks have to be carried out. But the single individuals have breaks. How long they depend very much on their individual tasks. The queen, who has to produce a lot of eggs, will probably have fewer rest breaks (because she doesn’t even get a chance to do so) than the worker, who has to transport extremely heavy loads. Ants are also famous for the fact that they can carry a lot of weight compared to their body weight and therefore use a lot of energy.

And how should I imagine this? Ten minutes crawling, ten minutes rest? With a worker like that?

No, these are definitely longer breaks. And of course, ant sleep is different from that of humans. They do not lie down anywhere. They can’t close their eyes either. They then crawl into the nest, find a place where they can sit, and then stay in this position for a few hours – I would assume so – or they sit.
There are insects that also take very long breaks, for example, a kind of hibernation. This is also called diapause for insects. This can be done by insects in the larval stage as well as in the pupal stage. Or adult animals can also have very long periods of rest. That always depends on the individual species, and ants also have a wide variety of species. To date, well over 11,000 species have been described worldwide. And there are certainly more “hard-working” ones, and there are some that rest more than others. If you want more detail about ant then read ant in Hindi.

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