Information About Male And Female Octopus

Male octopus

Males are equipped with a special tentacle where the sperm resides. In mating, it is inserted into the female’s head. Sometimes, during intercourse, the tentacle used for this purpose and which is called the ectocotyl, detaches, but later grows back. Some researchers believe that octopuses voluntarily detach their sexual limb and hand it to the female for fear that the latter, after or during mating, will eat them. In fact, octopuses are cannibals. That’s probably why they’re loners!

Female octopus

The female, after waiting for the birth of her young, goes away and dies. Therefore also the relationship of these cephalopods with the parents is practically non-existent. Amazing fact octopus girl

The intelligence of octopuses

Their intelligence is amazing. Many octopuses study objects and can understand how they work. For example, a laboratory octopus has figured out how to open a jar to take the food stored inside it. And when the researchers made the solution more difficult for him by putting a jar that opened by pushing the lid at the same time and turning it counterclockwise, it took the octopus an hour to figure out how to open it.

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