How To Use Dummy Thicc Spoken Word Syntax

How to use dummy thicc slang

How to use dummy thicc slang is very important to know if you are a female who is trying to gain weight.

You may be asking yourself why you would want to learn how to use such a word. Well the reason why a dummy would be a good thing to try and imitate is because it makes you sound more like you have a job, a social life, and can hold down a decent conversation.

Why you may want to use dummy thicc slang word.

If you are a skinny female trying to become a bit of a bodybuilder, you would want to know how to properly talk to your friends and coworkers about how much you could accomplish with a little bit of a thicker skin.

This way you will sound confident to those around you. You may be wondering how to use dummy thicc slang to do this. It is pretty easy.

Meaning of Thicc

First understand that the words “thicc” and “curvy” are slang for fat.

Now it may be difficult for you to think that being fat could ever help you with building muscle or getting a better figure. However, being overweight does not mean you cannot develop muscles or get a more curvaceous body.

You just need to start using some dummy words to describe the parts of your body you want to develop.

For example

If you are trying to get into shape you should start using the words regular thicc, fat, or even curvy.

These words will make you sound more confident about your appearance. You can also use these words to describe how your body looks like. Another good example would be to mention your legs.

If you want people to know that you have a curvy figure then mention legs. If you want them to know that you have a thin waist then use the words waist or tummy.

Sound of Word

It may sound strange at first but you should practice saying these words in front of a mirror every day.

What is better is that you will be able to see how your body looks like when you are wearing a suit.

Another good idea is to learn how to use the slang term dummy thicc in actual social media chat rooms.

This will allow you to identify people who have the same body shape as you have.

 With this knowledge you can easily ask for friendship or even dating from them.

Using Different Slang Word

If you are currently trying to develop muscles in your biceps or triceps, you can start using the words big bulky.

With both of these words combined it will mean big bulky stomach. You will be able to identify someone who is curvy as well.

To be able to develop a longer curvy figure you will need to use dummy thing’s like skinny guy or skinny curvy guy.

You can also learn how to use dummy thicc slang in Facebook, MySpace and other social networking websites.

Commonly Used on Chatting

Another important aspect you need to know about the word is that you will find out which words are more commonly used by most people when chatting on Twitter.

Some examples would be curvy, big thick and skinny guy. Learning the meaning of these four popular social media sites will help you get the hang of using the word properly.

Once you get the hang of it you will find out that there are many synonyms for the word. In fact the list of synonyms for the word is so long that you will eventsually run out of words to say.

If you want to get more information on how to use the word properly do read the articles linked below. The term dummy which has been around since the 80’s?

You will find out how it is defined as well as its various forms. There is even a dictionary which has every form of the word under it.

You will also get a short explanation of why people use these synonyms in regular conversation.

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