How to Turn Any Woman on With a Slang Word – Here is Something Every Guy Needs to Know

Do you know what a dummy which is?

A dummy is a slang word for a woman who has a low self-esteem. In this case you will be learning exactly how to talk to a woman in a sexy, seductive manner. Here are three things you should know if you want to learn how to seduce a woman using the word dumdum zing.

So what is a dummy anyway?

To know what this slang word means you must first break it down into two parts. Dummy and you must first learn the second part before touching on the first one.

The word Thicc refers to a woman whose physique has a nice shape. She should have a big bottom and a nice curvy tummy.

You see a lot of women with these characteristics have low self-esteem. They are not confident in who they are.

This is why they seek out men who will validate their self-worth. To touch on this more in depth,

You can see how many beautiful women are willing to date a loser like you. T

Hey will go through great lengths to be with you even though they already have a boyfriend or husband.

That is because they know you can provide them with nothing but pleasure.

Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being with a guy who has only a little penis. It happens all the time.

The thing you have to ask yourself is why you would want to risk having a relationship with such a pig.

I am not saying you should go around calling every man you meet with the name dummy.

But you should definitely keep in mind the origin of that word. You want to get into bed with a confident woman and that comes from her upbringing and her attitude.

You do not want a weakling in your bedroom, do you?

The next question you have to ask yourself is why do these women think it is a good idea to get involved with losers?

It is because they feel that you won’t be able to hold her interest. You see, she is right. A woman has to be assured before sex will ever take place.

She has to be convinced that you are up for whatever she is about to throw at you.

So if you are able to show her that you are up for anything she wants then she will be more likely to get wild.

On the other hand, if you make her think that you are a wimp that doesn’t have any self-esteem she is going to go straight home.

She will not want to see you again and she will avoid your company.

Avoid Using Slang Word

To avoid using the word dummy thicc try using other words. There are some of them such as geezer or jerk but they aren’t going to work as well because these terms sound too fuddy-duddy.

Instead use words that guys use on a regular basis like a douche, nuts, winkle, ho, chink and five-minute man.

If you can say these names while you are flirting with a woman then she is more likely to be turned on by you.

This is the biggest difference between a guy who is able to hold a woman’s interest in bed and one who are totally clueless.

Being clueless is the last thing you want because women will think that you don’t know what you are doing.

You want to be something that women can relate to so when you start saying stupid things about sex, you can tell her that you are just an average Joe and not some douche.

When you are trying to get her turned on you will have to use the right words at the right time. Most men aren’t good at this so it will take a lot of practice to master it.

If you can do it correctly then you will be able to turn on the woman in your life whenever you please.

It may take some time to learn but you will get better as you practice. Use dummy cocks when flirting.

For example

If you are trying to get her to suck on your “dummy cock” then you should tell her that she is a dummy.

The word dummy itself has several different meanings; you don’t want to make it any funnier than it has to be.

You don’t want her to laugh so loud when you say it to her or else it will sound like you are making fun of her.

So make sure that you say it with a serious look on your face and not a light hearted expression.

When you use the word dummy you are basically telling her that she is a waste of skin because she isn’t hot and this is why you are attracted to her.

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