GILF: Do You Know What They Actual Meaning Of This Term

What does Gilf mean?

If it happened by accident or because you were browsing a porn site (don’t lie, we know very well you do too) to read the slang word gilf and be surprised by this acronym, fear not: this is not the incorrect transcription of Milf. Gilf is a separate term although very similar (in form and meaning) to the word Milf, which has now entered the common dictionary.

Gilf is, in fact, the acronym for Granny I’d Like to Fuck. Do not think, however, of your grandmother’s white hair and her wrinkles, a sign of an era and difficulties that no longer exist.

Think more of the great Hollywood actresses who crossed the 60 marks while remaining beautiful women. They are probably already grandmothers of who knows how many grandchildren and in the eyes of men they continue to be highly desirable despite the passage of time.

Unique  about the term gilf

As with Milfs, the Gilf category is also very popular in the world of pornography.

What does GILF stand for

Let us immediately try to understand the meaning of this word.

It is an acronym that summarizes a sentence: “Granny I’d Like to Fuck”. Translated into Italian it stands for: “grandmother with whom I would like to have sex”.

It may happen that this term is replaced only by granny, which literally stands for grandmother.

It is used by the male audience as a compliment, but the risk is that addressing an unknown woman in this way could be an offense.

Who is a GILF

So who is a GILF in the end?

What does it look like?

They are women who have already passed the age of 60, but they have an amazing physical shape and still manage to fascinate and conquer men. Especially those younger than them.

Another fundamental characteristic is the fact of being a grandmother, therefore having one or more grandchildren.

When I talk about grandma completely forget the idea you have of the classic grandmother who spends her retirement watching soap operas while drinking chamomile and eating cookies under a blanket.

Where to meet a GILF

I’m pretty sure now you’re dying to know where you can meet such a woman.

I have prepared for you a special list of places frequented by GILFs:

  • Schools: Do you have a cousin or a little brother who attends elementary school? Well, I recommend that you start going for it when the bell rings. Take a decent look everywhere and I’m sure some GILFs will find it.
  • Dance courses: a passion that unites all people of that age is certainly dance. Take benefit of this and sign up for a random course. You won’t know where to turn your head anymore, I assure you.
  • Gym: to get in great physical shape at that age you have to work on that body. Gilfs are frequenters of gyms and swimming pools, especially in the morning.
  • Parks: do you have a dog or do you like to exercise without too many commitments? Start attending the parks in your neighborhood, the likelihood of finding GILFs with your dogs or grandchildren is very high
  • Dating Sites: If you don’t touch like going out, the internet world comes to your utility. In fact, there are many dating sites where you can meet grandmothers, see them via webcam and possibly meet them live. 

How to get a This Term to bed

If you are interested in a GILF, the only thing you want is to take her to bed. This is everyone’s goal.

You may not know it yet, but it’s the same for her too. You can imagine that he has no desire to start a serious and lasting relationship, with all those infinite steps.

The GILF is a mature woman with endless experiences. Now he knows how to get to the point without wasting too much time chatting.

It is good that you never forget this fundamental detail.

She is looking for something fresh that makes her feel new emotions. Your young physique is your weapon, but be careful and don’t prove your true age when you open your mouth. He probably already has enough children around him and they are his grandchildren. He doesn’t need anymore, believe me.

Show your character, be sure of yourself, and don’t be overwhelmed by its maturity.

Under the sheets do not become a dog that is carried out for a walk. Show her that you too can take the reins of the game.


Here we are at the finish of the article.

We discovered together with the meaning of the acronym GILF, what are the women who can be called in this way and above all where to meet them, and how to take them to bed.

Now I’m sure you have a much clearer idea than in the beginning.

There is nothing left for you to do but put into practice all the advice I gave you and go and conquer the GILF that made you lose your mind.

Have you already had an experience with a GILF?

Tell me how it went with a comment below.



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