One morning Radha Rani dressed in a black sari. She could not dress in any other sari because a few days before she saw Krishna for the first time. Her heart was stolen. She was sitting in her palace in which she was locked. There were several friends with her and they asked: “What’s the matter with you?” Radha did not lookup. She wanted to commit suicide. Finally, Lalita came up with a brilliant thought, she said: “You are suffering from love for Krishna. Do not be upset, everything will be fine, we will arrange a meeting for You. But first, write to Krishna about your love. Write Him a letter, let Him know how You love Him. May all the love that lives in Your heart be put into this letter. ” 

Radha thought, “Yes, this is the way out.” She was presented with a huge lotus petal. She took an inkwell, dipped a peacock feather into it, and wrote on this sheet: “Krish”. When She wrote: “Krish”, the first syllable of the name Krishna, Her hand trembled and immediately all love, along with this syllable, entered Her heart. She saw Krishna, saw everything that is connected with Him, endless pastimes, pastimes. About three hours passed, but She did not budge and did not write anything more. 

Lalita looked over her shoulder at what She had written and said: “So You will write Your letter for a very long time.” Then Visakha came up from the other side, looked over Her shoulder, and said: “You don’t need to write anything else. The letter is finished. All the love that is in Her heart has already been put into this syllable.” Radharani breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Yes, take this letter to Syama as soon as possible. Let Him read it.” They called Tulasi-Manjari and set this petal in a mother-of-pearl case. Tulsi ran to Krishna. 

At this time, Krishna was rushing about from Purva-raga, from the anticipation of this meeting, from longing, from separation from Radharani, He could not find a place for Himself. Suddenly Tulasi appeared before Him and shouted, “I have a letter! Radharani wrote a letter to You!” Krishna almost fainted. He gave this box to Madhu Mangala and said: “Madhu, you are a brahmana, you are the most literate among us. Read this letter to Me.” Madhu took the petal, looked at it, then looked at Tulasi and said: “The next time you give me a petal, put sugar or fret there. Because there are only letters.” He opened this petal and saw one syllable: “Krish.” He thought and said: “Krishna, you know this too confidential letter. You better read it yourself. I do not fully understand what is written here.” 

When Krishna opened this petal and saw the syllable “Krish”, all the love that lived in the heart of Radha entered into Him. He understood everything. Subal, who was next to Him, asked: “What did She write? Tell me what?” Krishna began to tell: “I saw You once” For half an hour He read this letter: “I saw You once, I fell in love with You! I don’t love anyone else! Arise to Me” He delivered for a very long time. Subal said, “Oh, what a letter! Krishna, You must write a letter in return.” Krishna said, “Yes, now I am going to write a letter. I will put all the love that is in Me in this letter.” Krishna took a peacock feather. He was handed a petal, He wrote: “Ra” and stopped. Much time has passed. He thought. When He wrote “Ra”, all that was in His heart, was invested in this one syllable. He said, “I finished the letter. Everything I wanted to write, I wrote.” They gave the letter to Tulasi and she ran back. 

Once Srimati Radharani opened this message, Lalita asked, “What is He lettering to you?” Srimati Radharani began to say: “He writes that he loves Me like no one else. When He chants My name, His heart melts. He wants to meet Me, and we will meet Him tonight.” She recounted all this for a long time, and when Lalita looked, she was surprised: “And where is all this written here?” Radha says, “Here. It is all there.” 

The point of this story is that everything is in the holy name. In one word, in one syllable of the holy name, there is everything – the whole spiritual world, all love, everything that is possible. All we have to do is simply chant the holy name of Krishna:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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