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We always see ants walking and working, so it has become a common belief in our mind to do ants sleep, but it is not so. Machines made by humans also need rest, they are still a living being.

According to a study done by scientists at the University of Southern Florida in St. Pietersburg, their gold appearance is quite different from that of humans. She sleeps at irregular intervals in the day and night. A worker ant takes at least 250 naps a day, in which a nap can be an average of 1 minute so that she sleeps for at least 4 or 5 hours a day. At the same time, the queen ant takes a nap for 6 minutes and takes about 90 naps in a day. This is why she lives longer than other ants.

Their bedtime is arranged in such a way that about 80% of their population is always awake so that the work of the colony never stops and their security is also constant.

What are the interesting facts about the small looking ant

Interesting fact about small looking ants

You know the number of ants worldwide is more than humans. The age of a queen ant is up to 30 years. The ant never sleeps because the ant does not have eyes. Ants have been found since the days of dinosaurs. Ants can carry 50 times their weight. There are more than 12000 species of ants worldwide. Some ants can also swim.

Ant is a social insect. Its more than 12000 castes have been classified. They are between 2 and 7 millimeters in size. The largest ant is called the carpenter ant. His body is about 2 centimeters big. An ant can carry 20 times its weight.

You must have often seen that ants walk in a queue because the ant in the front line leaves an odor, causing all the ants to come after it – sniffing that smell. Ant has six legs. Some ants do not live by building their nest but instead they move from one place to another, they are called military ants.

Military ants are carnivorous, they also lick small to big dead creatures that come in their way. The queen ant is the largest ant that lays lots of eggs. The queen ant lays around 60000 eggs during its lifespan.

The queen ant is winged. Brown ants are much more aggressive than black ants, they bite immediately and cause considerable burning sensation. Ants do not have ears so they cannot hear, although these insects feel the sound from vibration. If the ant is dropped from any height, it will happen.

What do ants eat in nature?

ants eat

Most species of ants base their daily rations on simple plant and animal products. These insects draw almost all edibles into their homes that they encounter on their way. The food is stored in the anthill, after which it is divided between individuals living in the colony.

The larvae get a protein-rich diet. Other such insects are eggs, beetles, caterpillars, remains of small animals. The use of such food contributes to the rapid development of larvae and their transformation into adult individuals.

Mature ants absorb carbohydrates, an easily digestible food. They give priority to all types of seeds, fruit pulp, tree bark, honey.

Hunters are hunter ants. The striking example is the approach of Serpahis. The latter is pulling the pests up to the colony. Sometimes they do not despise carrion as semi-decomposed animal bodies.

The main source of carbohydrate for carpenter ants is the so-called gum. The substance is a wood resin that is released from the trunks in areas of damage from the bark.

Reaper ants choose solid and coarse vegetable food as the basis of a carbohydrate diet. Individuals in the colony, known as soldiers, grind all kinds of seeds throughout the day with powerful jawans in bulk. The result is the production of a specific solution. The latter is fed by the entire colony.

How often do ants eat?

Such insects absorb food regularly. A person eats several times a day. Working members of the colony are fed directly during production exploration and transportation. The larva and uterus continuously absorb part of the stock.

There are also ants, which are capable of falling into a state of suspended animation for 9 months. At this time, they can go without food, digesting the accumulated sugary liquid in their own stomach.

Do ants sleep?

Ant sleeping

It was previously believed that such insects never rest, remain in constant motion. However, recent research suggests otherwise. Trying to understand whether the do ants sleep, scientists have developed a colony of insects in a laboratory. Observing the ants’ behavior allowed them to reveal several interesting facts, which will be discussed further.

Ordinary worker ants actually spend all their time on their daily activities. However, even they, like all members of the animal world, need rest. As a result of research, they spend about 3-4 hours per day sleeping. At the same time, the one-time duration of such rest does not exceed 2 minutes. A worker in a colony may fall into such inactivity more than 200 times throughout the day. At such moments, working ants freeze, to respond to the actions of relatives and other external stimuli.

Do Uterine Ants Sleep?

According to the comments, it is also not unfavorable for these individuals to rest. The queens sleeping in the colonies take much longer than the labored ants. They can sleep intermittently for 8 hours a day. Scientists succeeded in detecting an interesting pattern. If the uterine antenna is raised and the mechanism of the mouth is ajar, then shallow sleep occurs. When the antenna is removed and the mouth is closed, it indicates more sound sleep.

Ant queen

ant queen

What does an ant queen look like? In most colonies, individuals responsible for breeding offspring are significantly larger in size than normal working insects. You can determine the uterus by the presence of feathers, which are necessary for it to discover new habitats. However, when settled in a colony, they may disappear. In this case, in the place where the cephalothorax passes into the abdomen, the corresponding scars remain in the form of small tubercles.

Winter ants

What do ants do in winter? Preparing for the arrival of cold weather is an extremely time-consuming process for such insects. Most of the time they spend on storing food in special panties. Digestible particles of plants, various seeds, dried insects, etc. are brought here. With the decrease in ambient temperature, all remaining larvae feed.

In order to protect the colony from freezing in the cold, substances that exit the anthill is carefully sealed with a special substance that contains soil, insect saliva, and plants. During thaws, the colony can be ventilated. If the anthill gets wet in winter, all food stores are moved to deeper stores by working individuals.

Ants role in nature

Despite the fact that ants are only concerned with finding food and arranging their own colonies, they bring many benefits to ecosystems. Such forest workers not only loosen the soil, enrich it with oxygen and trace elements, but also destroy the entire mass of pests that are harmful to vegetation. No wonder they look “healthy” around colonies of trees and shrubs. Eventually, ants collected all kinds of pests from them.

Among other things, ants carry flowers and grass seeds. Thus, the plants occupy new areas. In general, the presence of ants in a particular area is the key to maintaining the right balance in nature.

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