Curvy – Definition, Meaning, Origin, Synonyms and Conversation Examples

The curvy word is one that has no restrictions, is non-specific, and can mean just about anything.

 Even though it has nothing to do with size, the term has become associated with being voluptuous and often refers to the curvaceous women of the world.

When used in a non-sexual context, it is more commonly used to refer to women.

What is Curvy Meaning?

Recently, it became popular to hear this term to describe women who have an hourglass figure or are pear-shaped.

Many women have become interested in learning more about the curvy figures that are so alluring to men today.

As there are a number of terms that are commonly used when discussing the curvy figure, some people wonder what exactly the correct term to use is.


The technical definition of this term often refers only to a narrow differential. For instance, a woman who has a 36-inch waist is curvy, if her waist is only 27 or less.

However, this is only a nine inch difference though does not hold true to all measurements since curvy varies so much relative to the other measurements.

This term is a very versatile word. The definition of the word actually means round or even oval. It can mean small in size, big in size, or somewhere in between.

Some individuals have a “curvy” figure, while others may have an “apple-cheeked” figure. No matter what type of figure you have, the word “curvy” can apply to you!

As Slang Word

This slang term word for a woman who has curves. There is nothing wrong with being this term of word.

In fact, many women have a this figure. All they need to do is learn to accept their curves and love the way they look.

Once a woman starts accepting her curves, then she can use “this term of slang” with a lot of confidence.

Origin of Curvy

The particular beginning of this slang word is 1900–05. But recently spreading also outside the English communication world in the field of fashion. 

A few days ago I was looking through the internet and came across an interesting web page that had an interesting use of this term.

This Slang term is nothing more than a term used to describe women who have an extra layer of fat wrapped around their midsection.

It really says nothing about a person; it’s just a label they put on themselves to make themselves feel better about themselves.

It’s like people living with their stomachs full of potatoes and thinks it doesn’t hurt so they throw it in the oven or fry it up and call it cooked. If only it were that easy!

Conversation Examples

A conversation between two friends

  • I already seen her from the front, she was thick and curvy
  • I’m just so happy I can make my curvy ladies smile

Social Media on twitter

  • Sheen’s body is so #curvy it’s perfect.
  • Living for how beautiful is Rim’s tiny, curvy and cute wife. I can’t wait to see her awake.
  • Curvy women may be more intelligent than skinny women due to fatty acids in their hips that improve their mental abilities, a study found.
  • I have a nice butt, curvy hips, and thicc thighs, could you imagine the power I’d hold if I got myself in shape enough to wear these and some leather pants.
  • I’m happy I’m in love with my body I’m thick and curvy


  • Curvilinear
  • Curvilinear
  • Busty
  • Bosomy
  • Curvaceous

Curvy Infographic

Curvy Infographic

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