Carbon Emissions: What They are and Who Produces The Most

Carbon Emissions:

Today we hear more and more of carbon emissions, carbon dioxide, as the cause of the deterioration of the environment and the planet. But what exactly are CO2 emissions and what do they come from? Why are they so dangerous?

Co2, carbon dioxide, is considered the main gas produced by human activities that are present in the atmosphere. Overproduction of this gas leads to an increase in the greenhouse effect, contributing to the increase in global warming by 70%.

There are gases that are potentially more harmful to the environment such as methane, nitrogen trifluoride, or perfluoro tributylamine, but they are present in a much less massive way than CO2, which becomes so dangerous. Let’s find out more.

Carbon Emissions: What They Are

Carbon emissions, therefore, are produced by a whole series of human activities. Carbon dioxide is the gas that is formed in the combustion processes when the carbon contained in the fuels and the oxygen contained in the air come together.

The excessive production of CO2, as we have already mentioned, causes damage to the environment since it endangers the existence of the Ozone, otherwise called the Ozone hole, which is a gaseous layer in the atmosphere that protects the globe. Compared to the harmful action of UV-C rays, ultraviolet rays, which come from the sun.

The primary effect of the excessive presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is climate overheating. How does it work? Basically, during the hours of the day, the earth’s surface accumulates the heat of the sun’s rays and, at night that heat is dispersed into space. The large concentration of carbon dioxide in the air causes a sort of hood to form which prevents the earth from expelling the heat absorbed during the day.

Carbon Emissions: What and Who Produces Them

What produces carbon emissions? They are a direct consequence of the industrial activity that is typical of developed countries. To produce the energy that allows developed – and developing – countries to create and consume more and more, it is necessary to burn fossil fuels such as coal and oil. Uncontrolled deforestation is also one of the causes of the increase in carbon dioxide attributable to man. What happens is that, by cutting down the trees, we lose a precious source of absorption of carbon dioxide which is absorbed in favor of the release of oxygen into the air.

Who Produces Carbon Dioxide?

The most developed countries and all of us produce it even through the smallest daily gestures such as keeping a light bulb on (for 4 hours it produces 0.2 kg of CO2), running a freezer in operation (40 grams of CO2 per hour), 10 km with a patrol car (2 kg of carbon dioxide emitted).

Considering that the problem of global warming affects us all, everyone must do their part to avoid polluting the environment as much as possible and by any means. Among the countries that pollute the most in the United States in the first place, with over 20% of global emissions, Taiwan and China in second place followed by the European Union and Russia. As regards specifically the data relating to greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, we can state that, specifically, in the year 2015 the share of emissions of the continent came for 10.1% from agriculture, for the 8, 7% from industrial processes and product use and 3.7% from waste management.

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